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Affordable Wedding Gown Fabrics: Look Fabulous for Less

Finding a beautiful wedding gown on a budget can sometimes intimidate brides. However, just because you need to purchase what is considered a “cheap” wedding dress, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. There are many wedding gown fabrics out there that are just as stunning as the pricey options. You just need to know which materials to look for.

Below is a quick rundown on some fabulous and affordable wedding dress fabrics.

wedding gown fabrics

Bridal Satin: Bridal Satin is a tightly-woven smooth fabric made with synthetic fibers. It gives off a lovely sheen or shine. The cost is kept down because it can be made with polyester, acetate, and rayon.

Charmeuse: This is a great option for summer weddings. Charmeuse is light-weight fabric made of either a cheaper silk or polyester. It falls beautifully and creates a satin-like look.

Chiffon: Another lightweight fabric, chiffon is sheer, transparent fabric that is very soft to the touch. Chiffon is perfect for outdoor or beach weddings due its lovely flow factor.

Duchesse Satin: This may be one of the most popular fabrics for brides on a budget. It has a rich, smooth and full look with a bit of a shine factor. It is often a mix of silk and man-made materials like polyester, acetate or rayon.

Georgette: Georgette is one of the best fabrics for the price.  It is a semi-lightweight material that is sheer and mostly made from silk or man-made fibers such as polyester. Although not a heavy material, it is often used year round in weddings.

Illusion: Illusion is a super inexpensive fabric used mostly for the details of a dress, like the sleeves, neckline and back. It is transparent and very delicate. With high necklines being so on trend this year, it is a good fabric to look for.

Linen: Linen is a thin natural fabric made from flax fiber. It is often worn by eco-friendly brides or brides that are having a very casual wedding. It lovely, but not recommended for more formal affairs.

Moiré: Keep your eye out for this one, especially if you like a modern wedding gown look. Moiré is a stiff fabric with a design intricately built into the material.  It showcases a watermark look and is made of inexpensive silk or polyester.

Taffeta: Taffeta is a medium-weight synthetic fabric that adds body and a crisp look to any wedding gown.  It is similar to a matte satin, but not as pricey.

Tulle: Tulle is great for ball gown skirts. It is a light-weight, transparent fabric that almost looks like very fine netting. If you love the princess look, go for tulle.

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