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Aldo Shoes Spring 2012

Even though the weather outside it’s still a bit on the cold side we are absolutely ready to open the new spring season.
And like any self-respecting fashion victim we are going to do it in a great style that reflects the latest trends from the newest collections.

We are tired of winter clothes and shoes and we can’t wait to refresh our closets with the hottest fashion items available on the market.

We’ll begin our spring shopping from Aldo – a brand that we love and that has never disappointed us in the past, so put your seat belts on and let’s get the party started.

Aldo Women Shoes Spring 2012

So before we run to our favorite section and I am obviously talking about high-heels we try to be reasonable and remember that flat shoes are a much better option for every day challenges and killer heels are not a perfect solution for running to school, passing ten hours at work, catching a bus or a trip to a supermarket.

Yes as hard as it is even a real fashionista has to consider from time to time aspects like commodity and functionality.

But hey, there is not need to panic, after a little research through Aldo models we came across many fantastic flat shoes that are stylish and feminine and are we can’t wait to share them with you.

So as we mentioned already we are sick of winter and flowery espadrilles that make a huge comeback this season will definitely add some positive energy to our look.

aldo spring shoes 2012

We missed vivid colors and love both yellow and blue so we were crazy in love the minute we saw this model.

aldo shoes 2012

When it comes to ballet flats Aldo is probably a perfect place with its impressive line of so many models in different colors and designs.

There are casual ballet flats for every day use as well as more elegant ones ideal for work or special occasions.

The color palette is incredibly wide and includes blue, pink, orange, black, brown, yellow and many more.

We liked this cute pink pair with a bow detail that will complete perfectly a girlish outfit for a sunny spring day.

aldo shoes collection

You just have to check out the moccasins line for women since they are a must-have of the season and most importantly very easy to wear.

aldo women shoes 2012

After the flat shoes we moved on to discover an absolutely amazing collection of wedges that soon became the number one on our best shoes of spring 2012 list.

Get ready ladies because it will be very difficult not to spend all your money on these wonderful models.

Aldo wedges will look great with a sexy dress, skinny jeans, shorts or a skirt. Choose you favorite color and you will certainly make the heads turn.

spring shoes

Looking for a chic evening look? Check out these super hot five inches platform pumps ideal for any outfit. If you want to go bold you might want to take a look at the red model as well.

And if you don’t love really love killer high heels that much but don’t want to give up on a sexy and feminine look check out Aldo’s mid-low heels.

There are certainly much easier to wear but still very classy and chic.

aldo shoes spring 2012

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