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Billabong Mens Swimwear, Billabong Swimwear 2011

Billabong is a world wide famous brand that has gained popularity for the well known Billabong Boardshorts.

billabong swimwear

For this 2011 Billabong Mens Swimwear has a great collection that we’ll present you right here!

Billabong Board Shorts

Starting from the Bob Marley Collection which features the typical yellow, green and red colors on the Buffalo Soldier boardshort.

billabong boardshorts 2011

What can we say about the Dave Rastovich Collection: we just love it!
Look how cool the Billabong Cosmic Wave boardshort looks, available in 2 different styles and colors.

board shorts billabong

Of course stretch swimsuits can’t miss in the Billabong Mens Swimwear 2011 collection, what we’re talking about is the Platinum X Boardshorts where we have the PX1 Stripe, Andy’s Platinum X Quad Stretch boardshort and Parko’s Platinum X Quad Stretch boardshort which is available in 4 amazing styles!

billabong swimwear 2011

For more information on Billabong’s Swimwear for 2011 just check out the official website at Billabong Australia ( or at Billabong USA (

billabong australia

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