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aldo shoes spring 2012

Aldo Shoes Spring 2012

Even though the weather outside it’s still a bit on the cold side we are absolutely ready to open the new spring season. And like any self-respecting fashion victim we are going to do it in a great style that reflects the latest trends from the newest collections. We are tired of winter clothes and [...]

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men fashion

Men’s Fashion Gift Ideas: Buying Clothes for Your Man

Know His Limits In terms of what you are actually going to buy it really does not matter. A man will appreciate clothing as a gift so long as it fits in with his usual style. Men’s fashion can be quite straightforward, so whether you are looking at a shirt, jeans, or footwear, there should [...]

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iconic sunglasses

Iconic Sunglasses

Let’s face it; sunglasses are worn for style as much as they are worn to protect our peepers from UV rays. So many celebrities from film, music, and politics have used their choice in sunglasses to make a statement. Michael Jackson wore sunglasses to appear more mysterious to his fans, even though he claimed photo [...]

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dolce and gabbana

Dolce Gabbana For All!

The world has gotten a lot smaller since the Internet became more available. In fact, some might say the shrinkage of the world really began with the increase in global travel. Either way, certain things that seemed to be unattainable at one point in time, are now much more easily found. And for our discussion, [...]

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scandinavian style

Scandinavian Style And Fashion

The Scandinavian countries have never been more fashionable. Our stereotypes of Ikea, Abba and pickled fish have been swept away as programmes like The Killing and Wallander have brought Denmark and Sweden firmly to the forefront of fashion. Scandinavian style is simple, uncluttered and minimal, and focused on quality and design. Scandinavian Interiors It’s easy [...]

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cowboy boots for men

Choosing Men’s Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have always been fashionable to some extent, however have really become more mainstream in recent times. Teaming a new pair of men’s cowboy boots up with jeans provides that stylish western feel that can’t be equated and really creates a certain nostalgic feel. Buying cowboy boots is usually an investment and one you [...]

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Top Three Workwear Wardrobe Staples

No matter what time of year, one thing is fairly constant for most people: work. If you work in a professional setting, such as an office or out-of-office sales, you want to look your best at all times. However, this can sometimes seem challenging without spending a bundle. No need to worry: here is a [...]

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hooded tops 2012

The Best Hooded Tops For 2012

What new hoodies will be available in 2012? A Hoodie For All Times So you have a party to attend in mid-winter – that’s just when a hooded top would come in really handy. Sometimes, the weather can be really unreliable and your best bet would be to wear a hooded top, they can look [...]

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In Focus: Fashion Bloggers

Opinions on fashion There used to be a time when people thought that the finest fashion trends are only acquirable by the rich. Even more atrocious is the fact that there was a time when fashion was perceived as a subject only discussed by women. In the past decades, designers and retailers responded to the [...]

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dresses for senior prom

How to Dress For Your Senior Prom

Your senior prom is probably the most important event in any school, as it is the time where teens hang out at the last party before leaving high school and moving on to different colleges. If you don’t know how to dress for your senior prom, then there are some things that you must learn. [...]

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menswear inspired fashion

Menswear-Inspired Fashion: A Revived Trend for Women

It’s a changing world, at least when it comes to fashion. Menswear-inspired garments have always been a force in the world of fashion, and the fall winter 2011 2012 is no exception. Menswear-inspired fashion can be seen from celebrities to discount bins, on the runway and in the malls, and in every imaginable combiantion. So [...]

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quality winter brands

Quality Winter Brands

Playing in the snow, ‘mingling’ with celebrities, viewing independent films, exploring Park City’s many shops and restaurants, and reading by the fireplace - pretty much sums up my fantastic weekend in Utah!  If you haven’t attended the Sundance Film Festival, I highly recommend it.  It’s such a lively, unique event.  I went during the opening weekend [...]

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dresses for work

What Dresses Are Acceptable For The Work Environment

What dresses you can get away with at work has long been a bone of contention for women everywhere.  Styles And Looks There are numerous styles and looks available for work, and it’s important to look great at all times while at work.  As well as out of necessity in terms of looking professional and [...]

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ripped jeans

How Fashion is Evolving

Personal fashion always seems to evolve in cycles. It is true that fashion trends are tending to repeat themselves through the recent years. Currently there are a few signs of how fashion is evolving and picking up on past trends in a way. Some of the styles mimic those of the 1980′s and the 1990′s [...]

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bathrobes for family

Bathrobes for the Whole Family – Why They Are Better Than Your Usual Pajamas

Just as there isn’t one type of food that will please everyone’s palate, there isn’t one bathrobe to fit everyone’s size or style. Purchasing a bathrobe is a very personalized choice. Not every terry cloth robe will suit your spouse, and not every microfiber robe will do the trick for you. It’s a good thing [...]

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wedding trends 2012

Wedding Trends for 2012: Paperless Post Invitations

If you are responsible for planning a wedding, then you are no doubt well aware of all the time, thought, and careful planning that goes into creating the perfect occasion. One of the first things you will have to consider is how you want to invite people – namely, what kind of invitations do you [...]

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summer 2012 collection

Summer 2012 Fashion Trends to Look Out For

Summertime is right around the corner! It’s time to pack those sweaters away and make room in your drawers and closet for your summer wardrobe. It’s also time to spruce up your existing summer collection with updated pieces. So, what’s new in summer of 2012 when it comes to fashion? Here are some great summer [...]

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fashion turn offs

The Road to No Wear – Eight of the Biggest Fashion Turn-Offs

Fashion is a notoriously fickle mistress whose rules seem to change on an almost daily basis. But whatever your level of fashion-sense there are some crimes that are unforgivable – and here are eight of the worst. 1. Black undergarments, white over garments Yep, there’s nothing that says ‘I got dressed in the dark this [...]

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kids fashion

Vintage Looks For Kids!

You may have noticed the shift in style and fashion that draws more from previous decades. This isn’t unusual, as we’ve already seen fashion turn to the retro looks of the 70s and 80s, but current trends lean to earlier eras. Designers are turning to post war years for inspiration, bringing vintage touches from the [...]

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cowboy boots

Cowboy Boot Celebs

There was a time when cowboy boots were the footwear of choice for linedancers, rodeo riders and country musicians. These days, the cowboy boot has experienced a new lease of life. It takes a certain personality to wear cowboy boots. Some are wary of the showiness, worried that they might draw undue attention to themselves. [...]

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scarf wearers

6 Famous Scarf Wearers

The humble scarf is an accessory that we take for granted sometimes. It sits on our coat racks and hatstands, waiting to be worn should there be a cold snap. For some, however, the scarf is an integral part of an overall look. Take a look at these six famous scarf wearers and it’s hard [...]

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looks for kids

Creating The Rock’n'Roll Look For Your Kids

For this coming season, kids clothes have a more rocky attitude. Expect to find punky styles and a rock’n’roll edge to give your little one a whole new look. Check out these ideas to give your little ones some of that rock spirit. Checks – This year continues the summer trend for a lot of [...]

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first date looks for men

What to Wear on a First Date for Men

It’s your first date with a new woman and you want to make the best possible impression. So what do you wear? After all your clothes will be one of the first things she sees so you need to make sure you get it right, so you need to get it right. Here are some [...]

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collections 2012

The Hottest Fashion Trends for 2012

Every year the eyes of the fashion world look to the top design houses for the trends that are going to explode. Collectively, these fashion houses outline the direction of high fashion for the coming year, which will ultimately influence fashion for high street chains over the next three. This diffusion is something that has [...]

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summer fashion

Dressing “Warm” Or “Cool” This Summer?

Dressing “Warm” Or “Cool” This Summer? With winter finally behind us, now is the time to consider that most wondrous occasion; the summer-wardrobe shop. Summer is the annual excuse to relax and embrace your carefree spirit and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be a little more adventurous on your choice of colour. In [...]

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best dressed at awards ceremonies

The Best Dressed at Awards Ceremonies so far in 2012

The Best Dressed at Awards Ceremonies so far in 2012 When this year’s Golden Globe Awards kicked off on the red carpet platform, the aura, seldom experienced on this third planet from the Sun, portends images of paradise. In brief, the gowns flare and glamour took centre stage as the celebrities took to the podium, [...]

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best fashion schools

The World’s Best Fashion Schools

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Located in New York, FIT is one of the top fashion design schools in the world. Boasting an approximate total of 10 000 students in its programs, some notable graduates are Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. Optimally located in the Garment District there are many workshops that are [...]

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tights for men

Tights for Men – Gift Idea for Father’s Day?

Ok, so your average Dad or husband probably won’t dig the idea of getting tights as a gift for father’s day or for his birthday (and would likely think it’s a gag gift) but there’s a re-emerging trend in tights for men and a lot of people are talking about this. If you think tights [...]

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get the best out of your suits

Get The Best Out Of Your Suit

Few men enjoy shopping for suits, and they certainly hate spending a lot of money on an outfit that they’ll only wear for board meetings, job interviews, and weddings. The price tag on the average brand-named suit can be pretty intimidating too. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a suit that [...]

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cheap stylish clothes

How to Update Your Wardrobe on the Cheap

Staying in fashion – or at least not wearing all the same clothes all the time – can be hard to do on a budget. Decent new clothes can be incredibly expensive, and it can be disheartening to go on a shopping trip and come back empty-handed because you couldn’t afford that pair of jeans [...]

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funny tshirts

How Do You Avoid Messing Up That Fancy Dress Conundrum?

It may be a themed party for a special occasion, it may be a pub crawl in your town centre or it may even be what should have been a normal civilised dinner party that has been corrupted by an over enthusiastic host, but whatever it is these days, people seem incapable of organising a [...]

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living the chic london life

Living the Chic London Life

Modern-Day nomads History has taught us that it is natural for us, humans, to move from one place to another. This nomadic display is brought about by our constant need to thrive to survive and triumph over the many obstacles that life, in general, presents. Today, millions of people are currently residing in a location [...]

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stay warm without sacrificing style

10 Ways to Stay Warm Without Sacrificing Style

Don’t start ditching your extra layers just yet. We may have had some glorious days recently but a British spring is ahead of us. Fashionistas love the onset of a new season as it’s a chance to buy some new items and try out the latest looks. Luckily, the spring 2012 trends are going to [...]

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patrizia pepe

Patrizia Pepe Ad Campaign, Spring Summer 2012

Let’s take a look at the latest spring summer ad campaign 2012 of Italian label Patrizia Pepe and discover some of the hottest fashion pieces of the warm season. This fabulous ad campaign photographed by Mert & Marcus features stunning Lithuanian model Edita Vilkevičiūtė who is also the current face of Karl Lagerfeld, GAP in Japan, Dior Beauty and Emporio [...]

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valentines day gift ideas for her

Intimissimi Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2012

Italian brand Intimissimi is also celebrating this year’s Valentine’s Day and spoils us with a wonderful Valentine’s Day Collection 2012. Intimissimi Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her This new line is inspired by the sensual and elegant chic silhouettes of the 1950s and can help you to express your feelings for your girlfriend or wife with [...]

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yamamay collection

Yamamay Valentine’s Day 2012 Collection

We were really looking forward to this collection and have wondered for weeks what is Yamamay going to surprise us with this time. One of our favorite lingerie brands has come up with an amazing special Valentine’s Day 2012 Collection and many of its pieces are already on the top of our must-haves list. Feminine, sexy [...]

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fornarina ad campaign

Fornarina Ad Campaign Spring Summer 2012

The new Fornarina Ad Campaign for Spring Summer 2012 is ready! The warm season at Fornarina brings  feminine and sophisticated fashion pieces and takes inspiration from Maghreb tastes and places. Among inlays and mosaics in a kaleidoscope of colors and with romantic light effects we can admire new Venus coming into a life. She is [...]

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kate moss for mango

Kate Moss for Mango Spring Summer Collection 2012

The Spanish fashion brand Mango has chosen Kate Moss to promote its new spring summer collection 2012. It is not the first time we see the British model well-known also for her controversial private life to work for Mango and each time the results are absolutely fantastic. This time apart from being photographed by renowned photographer [...]

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tally weijl

Tally Weijl New Spring Collection 2012

We keep checking out all the new collections of the upcoming warm season and today we want to take a closer look at Tally Weijl spring collection 2012. Actually we have been big fans of this Swiss brand for a while now and we consider it one of the best low-cost labels on the market. [...]

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gucci spring summer

Gucci Men Collection, Spring Summer 2012

One of the best known Italian brands Gucci presents its next men collection for spring summer 2012. Gucci creations are always very classy and elegant and you should absolutely consult this new collection before updating you spring wardrobe. The new line includes pieces that can be worn from day to evening: jackets, suits, shirts, pants, [...]

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taylor swift covers vogue

Taylor Swift on the cover of Vogue US

Taylor Swift is on the February cover of the Vogue US magazine. American country singer and actress seems to enjoy being a model once in a while as well as she looks absolutely amazing on the Vogue US cover. Taylor Swift photographed by famous Mario Testino is a star of a very interesting and eye-catching [...]

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ted baker gifts ideas

Best Fashion Items for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Even though Valentine’s Day might still seem to be far away we are already looking around in order to find a perfect gift for our sweethearts. Luckily all the new fashion collections come in very handy with many wonderful ideas that will certainly make your beloved ones very happy. Take a look at these great [...]

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guess jeans ad campaign

Irina Shayk For Guess Jeans, Spring Summer 2012

Irina Shayk was chosen to cover the new Guess Jeans ad campaign for spring summer 2012. Russian model has already worked for Guess back in 2009 and she is well-known for being the image of Intimissimi as well as for cooperating with brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Lacoste and Cesare Paciotti. She also  modeled the Armani [...]

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prada new line

Prada Ad Campaign, Spring Summer 2012

All the Prada fans will be delighted to know that its new spring summer 2012 ad campaign is finally ready. The famous Italian label with customers around the entire world spoils us with another amazing collection. It is really time to update your wardrobe and Prada’s clothing line will guarantee you a super stylish look [...]

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liu jo spring summer 2012

Liu Jo Spring Summer Pre-Collection 2012

Italian label Liu Jo is bringing many amazing fashion items and it is now possible to see the spring summer pre-collection 2012 of the brand. Liu Jo is giving us a taste of spring with its stylish goodies and we are slowly starting to update our wardrobe. What we love about Liu Jo is the [...]

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versace for hm summer lookbook

Versace for H&M Lookbook, Spring Summer 2012

A Swedish low-cost company H&M has an amazing gift for all its clients – a brand new line of clothing designed by famous Italian fashion label Versace. Already tomorrow it will be possible to find the new spring summer Cruise collection 2012 in the H&M stores. No need to add the results of H&M cooperation [...]

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angelina jolie wears versace

Angelina Jolie wears Versace at Golden Globe Awards 2012

Angelina Jolie swept everybody off their feet when she appeared on the Golden Globe Awards‘ red carpet. Beautiful actress made a real fashion statement with an amazing Atelier Versace creation. She was certainly one of the best dressed stars of the night in her glamorous strapless gown and her red handbag and a neckline made the [...]

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versace gisele bundchen

Versace Adv Campaign, Spring Summer 2012

If you like luxurious and feminine fashion pieces you will certainly love Versace collection for spring summer 2012. The Italian label always brings amazing elements into fashion world and its original creations often end up on our must-haves list. In fact Versace Ad Campaign for SS 2012 was one of the most awaited and we were [...]

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mia wasikowska for miu miu

Mia Wasikowska for Miu Miu Campaign

Italian label Miu Miu has named Mia Wasikowska as the new face of its SS 2012 campaign. After young and sweet Hailee Steinfeld Miu Miu keeps cooperating with talented acctresses rather than with top models. In fact spokesmodels for the brand have included also Katie Holmes,Vanessa Paradis, Kirsten Dunst, Laetitia Casta, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lindsay Lohan, Zhou [...]

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philipp plein 2012

Lindsay Lohan is latest Philipp Plein face, Spring Summer 2012

American actress Lindsay Lohan is the latest  face of  Philipp Plein spring summer campaign 2012. Philipp Plein is a German fashion designer known also for wining the New Faces Award in the category Fashion in 2008. Plein introduced Lohan as his new collection’s face during Milan Fashion Week in Italy in September 2011 and now we can [...]

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