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eyeglass frame

What’s In an Eyeglass Frame?

We often hear people say they are shopping for a ‘new face’ when choosing eyeglass frames. Glasses change our whole look, emit a personal style, make a statement and can even make us feel a little more confident. Yet all those good feelings and the great look can be ruined by a pinching here, a [...]

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beach wedding gowns

Beach Wedding Gowns: What Should You Wear?

Lots of beach weddings are considered informal or even casual. And while there may be some that are labeled as “semi-formal,” rarely do you see a formal, black-tie affair at the beach. If you are planning a beach wedding, you need to keep the formality of the wedding in mind when it comes to choosing [...]

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online shopping

Online Shopping for Children’s Clothes

As any parent knows, taking children clothes shopping isn’t always a pleasant experience. By and large, children find clothes shopping tedious and boring, and start to misbehave when they get bored. This increases parental stress levels and because of this many parents choose to bypass the high street completely and shop for their children entirely [...]

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ties and suits

The Complete Guide to Buying a Men’s Tie

What tie to buy?   When you are thinking of buying a new tie then one of your first considerations should be the colour of shirt you wish to team it with. If is it is a tie for a special occasion then you can afford to go a little wild and to spend some [...]

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wedding gown fabrics

Affordable Wedding Gown Fabrics: Look Fabulous for Less

Finding a beautiful wedding gown on a budget can sometimes intimidate brides. However, just because you need to purchase what is considered a “cheap” wedding dress, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. There are many wedding gown fabrics out there that are just as stunning as the pricey options. You just need to [...]

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fathers day gifts

Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $25

Typically, Father’s Day arrives on the third Sunday of June in most countries. People are always scrambling to buy their loved ones gifts for this occasion. Choosing the perfect present is not always easy, especially when a person is working with a small budget. The last thing a person should do is panic or give [...]

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vintage jewelry

Keep or Redesign-What to do With Vintage Fine Jewelry

Family heirlooms often present a dilemma. Jewelry is no exception, but it does offer several options. One of those is redesign. In some cases a highly reputable jeweler that enjoys giving these pieces of bygone eras a facelift, has viable suggestions. But if he says he would use the item as is, you might want [...]

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shopping in belfast

A Guide to Five of the Best Shopping Districts in Belfast

With an array of shopping districts to rival any European city, award winning design outlets and world renowned events such as the Belfast Fashion Week, Belfast is a shoppers’ paradise.  The city is incredibly compact which makes navigation easy and with a wide selection of shops and boutiques there is something to suit every style [...]

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suits for men

5 Tips for Buying a Man’s Suit

  Suits are one of the most important pieces of clothing in a man’s wardrobe, and it is essential that they fit properly. A well-fitting suit will look much more expensive than it is and makes a man look put together and well-dressed even if he would rather be wearing jeans and a t-shirt. 5. [...]

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Converse The History Of An Iconic Brand

Converse shoes have developed a style all their own, but as with many iconic brands, style in this case followed function, with the development of both the brand and the Converse range of footwear being influenced by their wearers.   The History of Converse Converse started out as utilitarian shoes, made by the freshly formed [...]

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swarovski collection

Swarovski for Beginners

From beautiful crystal jewelry to intriguing decorative items, both you and your home can have the perfect finishing touch that only Swarovski crystals can deliver! Founded by David Swarovski in a small factory in North Bohemia more than a century ago, this company continues to produce the highest-quality crystal in its Wattens, Tyrol facility to [...]

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jewelry collection

Are Diamonds Always a Girl’s Best Friend?

If you believe Marilyn Monroe, every woman aspires to lots of diamond jewellery, be that rings, bracelets, necklace or earrings. There’s no denying that a glittering diamond is striking and beautiful, but with a huge choice of precious and semi-precious stones available, are we being a bit blinkered in focusing purely on diamonds? Engagement Rings [...]

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Hallmarking – The Sign of Quality?

If you’ve ever seen the Antiques Roadshow or similar programmes, you’ll have seen a variety of experts scrutinizing some silver candlesticks or gold jewellery to find out when and where it was made. The little symbols which carry this information are called hallmarks, and they are on nearly every item made of precious metals. Consumer [...]

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history of gifts

The History Of Gift Occasions

One of the most common occasions for buying gifts for the home is the housewarming party.  In years gone by the party was held within three months of moving into a new home and its purpose was for the people who had moved in to show off their new residence to their friends for whom [...]

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jeans collection

Men’s Jeans: How to Pick the Right Pair

Buying jeans can be a frustrating experience for a lot of men.   What Are You Looking For Like most things in life, how you look and your entire fashion and style is based around knowing what you’re looking to achieve. As the saying goes, if you don’t know where you’re going then you’re never [...]

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shirts for men

Selecting The Right Shirt

Choosing the right shirt is one of those tough selection processes we hate going through in life. Almost all men would admit they have bought ill-fitting shirts at some point throughout their lives! Well, not to worry! Once we’re aware of the options, it becomes much easier to choose the right shirt for the job. [...]

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expensive beds

Top 4 Most Expensive Beds In The World For Sale

We all love our sleep, well many of us at least. It’s our chill time and the peruse of the most comfortable bed has been a dream for many of us. Going hand in hand with comfort is style and luxury. Many of us have seen many expensive beds that profess to be the most [...]

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diamond rings

New Diamond Ring Collections of 2012

If you are in the market for a new diamond ring there are some great new collections out for purchase this year. Whether you are shopping for yourself, a gift, or the ever important engagement ring you are sure to want to find the best that is out there so we are going to showcase [...]

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best gifts for mother's day

Fantastic Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Your Mom will Love

Mother’s Day is a time to treat your mother for all that she’s done to make your life easier. While a card and flowers are nice, there are other gifts that are a bit more special. Whether it’s a day of shopping with her or a gift certificate to a local spa, there are gifts [...]

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jewelry designs

Victorian Jewelry: Old and New

Did the tiny (in stature) Queen Victoria ever envision her legacy? An era, a movement, a following, named for her? Not to mention countries,cities, streets, mountains, or even a state of mind, reflecting her supposedly strict moral views. Victoria’s reign was impressive, considering her early entry into politics in a world ruled by mostly old men, where an innocent sip of water from the [...]

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How to Incorporate Fine Jewelry Into Your Casual Wardrobe the Smart Way

When it comes to fashion, accessorizing is essential. Scarves, hats, jewelry—all of these items can make or break an outfit. Accessorizing your outfit with jewelry can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful. What piece should you wear with what outfit? Should you wear more than one piece of jewelry at a [...]

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mother's day gifts ideas

Show Mom You Care: Creative Gift Ideas

Moms are great, right? Who else would spend all the time and effort mending your clothes, cooking your meals, cleaning your boo-boos, helping you with your homework, and counseling you through those tough teenage years? Your mom is so special to you that shopping for her may seem like a very serious undertaking. After all, [...]

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gifts for men

Choosing The Perfect Gift from a Line of Men’s Watches For Your Partner

Getting your guy the perfect present on the special day can be a little difficult. It may be a wedding anniversary or your hubby’s birthday, you still want to give him a great gift that he will value and cherish. What better way to form that special connection than gifting him the perfect men’s watch. [...]

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shoes for college

Want to Your Feet to Be Comfy? Shoes for College Guys

When you step and strut onto campus, the ladies aren’t just looking at your abs and gluts, they are checking you out from head to toe. Take a good look at your kicks guys. Do your kicks have that outdated fat skate tongue? Do your shoes look like something right out of dirty gym bag? [...]

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stylish shoes

Comfort and Style? Best Shoes for College Girls

Whether or not you are a shoe fashionista, there are five styles of shoes that every college girl must have in her closet. If you don’t have them, you may look book smart but will also look like a fish out of its bowl. That’s a conundrum no self-respecting college girl wants to find herself [...]

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sleep pod for the office

Top 5 Coolest Office Accessories

Many of us work in offices these days, and while air conditioning, comfortable chairs and flat screen monitors may have made things considerably better than the raucous, smoke filled and noisy environments of yesteryear, there are still some improvements that can be made! Although not all of these might seem to be the most conducive [...]

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tips for buying gifts

Practical Tips To Find The Perfect Gift

When looking to find the perfect gift for someone special there are certain things to take into consideration. What type of person is the person you are buying the special gift for? Are they friend, relative, a loved one, work colleague or a child for example? Do they like luxurious gifts or more practical ones? [...]

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choosing best stylish sunglasses

Sunglasses: 5 Rules for Choosing a Flattering Pair

  Image credit: With summer fast approaching, it will not be long before high street fashion retailers everywhere begin to stock summer essentials, including the well-loved and eye-protective accessory that is sunglasses. But considering the many different styles and colours that are sure to be available, how can ladies ensure that they choose themselves [...]

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swimwear for every body type

Swimwear Styles for Every Body

Swimwear Styles for Every Body Nowadays, fashion is everywhere. The latest fashion trends are not suitable for all body types though as many women are beginning to realise. There are swimwear styles for everyone and you can find perfect beachwear for your figure. Here are a few tips to choose the ultimate swimwear for you. [...]

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4 Great Reasons to Write Lists

The world of the written word has given us access to a number of ways to making our lives easier. From communicating with people to expressing our thoughts, these words have been responsible for a number of moving thoughts and ideas, including something we refer to as “lists”. Lists are nothing but a sequential arrangement [...]

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urban outfitters

7 Leading Suppliers of Urban Clothing

The urban / street fashion industry is quickly becoming a very popular trend with demand, development and growth playing a substantion role in producing more retail / etail suppliers. With more online outlets popping up each month, we take a look at some of the biggest names, most reputable and established companies and some of [...]

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gift ideas for easter

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Easter

Easter is a time of celebration and a time to celebrate the hope we have in the resurrection of Jesus. It is celebrated in spring and symbolizes the beginning of a new life. What better way to share this joy with your loved ones than by giving them gifts on Easter? If you cannot decide [...]

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baby shower gifts

Baby Showers: How to Choose Your Gift

So one of your close friends or relatives has found out they are expecting and it is now nearing time for their baby shower and you still have not been able to decide on a gift. You are either a friend who has no children or a parent who knows that a lot of things [...]

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nyc sample sales

Finding New York City’s Best Sample Sales

Wouldn’t it be nice to score the best deals on the best fashion and home designs in New York City. It’s actually possible through sample sales. Sample sales are when companies get rid of an overflow of merchandise. This might be an overflow of last season’s merchandise or products that were displayed to sell the [...]

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zara shoes men 2012

Zara Shoes Men, Shoes Fall Winter 2011 2012

Zara is one of these brands that pays lots of attention to both, men and women clothing. If you look for stylish and yet affordable clothes and accessories you just can’t go wrong by choosing this famous Spanish label. Innovative and impressive Zara collections win hearts of clients around the entire world. Zara Shoes Men [...]

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polo winter collection

Polo Boots For Women, Fall Winter 2011 2012

Looking for a perfect pair of winter boots for women we absolutely had to check out Polo boots from the new fall winter 2011 2012 collection. We were sure we were going to find many interesting models and we weren’t wrong. In fact Polo boots for women are just so timeless and sophisticated and impeccable [...]

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kids coats 2011

Kids Winter Coats 2011

We have already looked at winter jackets for women and winter jackets for men so now it’s time to find perfect winter coats for our little ones. Looking through different stores we came across many adorable and absolutely gorgeous kids winter coats 2011. We will start our review from presenting you winter coats for girls [...]

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winter berets 2011

Winter Hats For Women 2011

After our articles about winter coats for women and winter boots for women  we keep checking out latest fashion trends and today we are going to take a closer look at winter hats for women 2011. Winter accessories can help you looking glamorous and stylish and us fashion victims always put a heavy stress on [...]

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winter fashion for men 2011

Winter Jackets For Men 2011

Have you chosen your winter jacket yet? Now when the temperature goes down it is definitely the right time to start looking for your perfect outerwear. Take a look at our review of winter jackets for men 2011 and find you favorite piece. North Face Jackets For Men The North Face is a company specializing [...]

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babies fashion

Winter Hats for Babies

I really love shopping for babies and I could spend ages choosing tiny t-shirts and dresses, soft sweaters or colorful shoes and accessories. During winter time it’s even more fun since we can add to our babies wardrobe a whole collection of cute gloves, scarves and hats. Today in fact I am going to take [...]

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new look hats

Winter Hats With Ear Flaps

For freezing winter days winter hats with ear flaps certainly come in handy. Probably there is no other type of hat as warm and protective as this one and I have always found ear flaps really adorable and cute. Let’s check out together the nicest models I managed to find in the newest collections for [...]

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winter hats for men northface

Winter Hats For Men 2011

We are almost ready for this upcoming winter 2011, we looked at men winter coats and at best snow boots for men already and so the only thing that’s left is to complete our wardrobe with perfect accessories. In particular we are going to focus on winter hats for men 2011. We all know that [...]

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mens winter coats 2011 banana republic

Men Winter Coats 2011

Have you been looking for a cool collection of the nicest and warmest men winter coats around? Well, here we go with this collection of the most stylish coats for this cold season 2011. By the way, don’t forget to check out our reviews of the best winter coats for women 2011 followed by another useful [...]

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boots women with big calf

Women Rain Boots

We looked at men rain boots already so now it is definitely time to check out women rain boots. Someone once said ”Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain” and we could not have agreed more on that, well maybe if we could add one detail to that statement it [...]

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Sorel snow boots for women

After our articles about winter boots for women and winter jackets for women we keep checking out all the newest winter collections and now we are going to take a look at Sorel snow boots for women. The world’s best-selling cold weather boots have it all to help you face freezing winter with style and [...]

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snow footwear

Best Snow Boots For Men

Summer months are already finished and after we have looked at useful men rain boots, we are going to check out best snow boots for men now. When the temperature goes down and weather conditions become extreme you have to make sure you find a proper footwear in your wardrobe. And what’s more perfect for [...]

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hm accessories

H&M Clothing for men, Fall Winter 2011 2012

H&M clothing catalogue for fall winter 2011 2012 includes an impressive line of clothing for men as well. There are plenty fashion items in many different styles in the new collection in order to satisfy all men’s styles. In the One with nature line we find comfortable and warm clothing ideal for freezing days. If [...]

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designer womens jackets

Winter Jackets For Women

After our article about winter coats for women we are very excited to take a look at winter jackets right now. Jackets for women are a great garment for casual and comfortable style, perfect for every day use and ideal for chilly weather. Obviously casual look doesn’t mean boring and you can still be fabulous [...]

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kids winter coats

Kids Winter Coats at Gap

We have talked about winter boots for kids already so now it’s a right time to start looking for winter coats for our little ones. We thought that Gap is a perfect place to go, especially thanks to a wide choice of coats for both boys and girls and because of the high-quality of the [...]

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rubber boots for men

Men Rain Boots

After our articles about Ugg rain boots and kids rain boots we are going to take a look at men rain boots today. Gucci Men Rain Boots If you want to stay stylish and elegant even while it’s raining you will really love Gucci rain boots. Italian brand knows perfectly how to combine simplicity with [...]

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