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Menswear-Inspired Fashion: A Revived Trend for Women

It’s a changing world, at least when it comes to fashion. Menswear-inspired garments have always been a force in the world of fashion, and the fall winter 2011 2012 is no exception. Menswear-inspired fashion can be seen from celebrities to discount bins, on the runway and in the malls, and in every imaginable combiantion. So how much is too much when it comes to adopting a trend like a menswear inspired trend? And most importantly, who can successfully wear this clothing trend?

First, though the menswear trend is fun, it can easily transform into a male appearance statement. The goal when adopting a menswear trend is not to look a male but to feminize menswear items. Since this is the case, balance is a key factor to keep in mind. Therefore, focus on one menswear-inspired piece of clothing, such as a blazer or tuxedo pants. If you are going to wear that crisp, white blazer, then keep your slacks feminine.

If you prefer a more relaxed approach to fashion, the menswear trend can still work for you. It isn’t necessary to always wear dressy pieces. Casual menswear-inspired pieces can look just as chic. Try to keep the color scheme in the neutral colors for this look. Stay away from bright hues and think more leather, tweed, and chambray. Loose, khaki pants can create a very comfortable, effortless look when paired with a button-down shirt and some loafer heels.

Though accessories are always important, they should be kept minimal. The statement clothing will be the focus of any outfit. Some people like to adopt a menswear-inspired look in order to save money. This thought is completely reasonable as the bulk of an outfits expense can easily come from the high cost of accessories. If you are adamant about your accessories, consider some suspenders with your tuxedo pants or cuff links with your blazer.

So who can wear the menswear inspired trend? Because all trends are going to look better on some people than others, the menswear trend is no exception. Women with petite or curvy figures will be able to adopt this look easily. Women with broad shoulders should stay away from items such as sharply lined or padded-shoulder blazers, for they will draw attention to the shoulders, which could easily appear out of proportion. At the same time, women with more slender figures may need to avoid them as well; if insistent on enjoying this fashion trend, it’s your build that benefits from flaired, padded shoulders. High-wasted tuxedo pants should accentuate all figured due to the creation of a nice waist line; however, khakis may look frumpy on a larger or pear-shaped woman. Counter that possibility with an unstructured jacket.

The important thing to keep in mind when adopting any fashion trend is that trends are gone almost as quickly as they arrive. Fashion should be something that is an extension of your personality. It should work for you, be comfortable and give you lots of self confidence. You should try to buy pieces that can coordinate easily with other wardrobe pieces to create many outfits, are made from high quality materials and make you glow with pride when you’re wearing them.

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