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New Diamond Ring Collections of 2012

If you are in the market for a new diamond ring there are some great new collections out for purchase this year. Whether you are shopping for yourself, a gift, or the ever important engagement ring you are sure to want to find the best that is out there so we are going to showcase a few of the diamond ring collections that have come out for 2012.

Emma Parker & CO.
Two-tone Engagement Rings
Emma Parker & CO. have released a line of beautiful two-toned engagement rings for 2012. They have combined yellow, white, and rose gold in varying combinations to make a collection of eye catching diamond engagement rings. The combination of different types of gold and, on some rings, colorful gem stones, in addition to beautiful diamonds in a variety of cuts, make for rings that any bride to be would love to show off. These colorful creations really stand out from the crowd with their unique look. They would make the perfect engagement ring for the bride with a colorful personality to match.
Renato Jewelers  
Florence Collection
Renato has been in the diamond business since 1958. Every year they continue to come out with diamond ring collections that carry a level of class that is hard to beat. These rings embody a classic style and sophisticated design but they do not fall into the same boring trappings others that keep along the classics often fall into. These rings are the best of both worlds with a classic beauty that would please even the most old fashioned woman but they also contain a freshness available only from an impeccably beautiful design.
Diamond Nexus
Intersecting Hearts Collection
Diamond Nexus is well known for its affordable engagement rings. They have always put out quality rings, with a price point in reach of most couples. Now they have added the beautiful intersecting hearts collection to the choices for couples everywhere. The collection includes 12 rings, based off of inspirations from their designer Michael Nashef’s life and travels. The rings contain a lovely amount of detailing that is uncommon for this kind of diamond price. The rings will start shipping out in April of this year, with preordering available immediately.

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Men’s Diamond Rings
When it comes to diamond rings, it can really seem like everything out there is designed for women. However, if you look hard enough, you can find some designers like the ones at TraxNYC that design great diamond rings for men. The men’s collection of diamond rings are often bold and thick designs, made to look good on the large hands of most men. Many of the collection’s rings feature black diamonds for a masculine touch. The rings include those for casual wear all the way through engagement rings.

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