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Quality Winter Brands

Playing in the snow, ‘mingling’ with celebrities, viewing independent films, exploring Park City’s many shops and restaurants, and reading by the fireplace - pretty much sums up my fantastic weekend in Utah!  If you haven’t attended the Sundance Film Festival, I highly recommend it.  It’s such a lively, unique event.  I went during the opening weekend and got to experience all the hoopla.  Being a fashion enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoyed the people watching and store hopping.  Throughout my trip, I continuously encountered three winter brands.

  1. Eddie Bauer Winter Coat.  While waiting in line for one of the Sundance films last weekend, I overheard a woman complimenting another movie-goers winter coat.  She inquired about the brand and was pleasantly surprised to learn it was Eddie Bauer.  I’m a big Eddie Bauer fan, so naturally I had to sneak a peek.  It was indeed a gorgeous Eddie Bauer coat.  Perfect for this particular snowy weekend, when this women would be standing in lines, cruising down Main Street, hopping from one theater to the next, and maybe even spending a few hours on the ski slopes.  It’s no wonder she chose Eddie Bauer apparel.  Many Sundancers had the same idea!  This quality brand has been around for years, and it produces some of the best winter apparel.  Eddie Bauer actually outfitted the first American hikers to climb Everest in 1963.  He knows what he’s doing when it comes to warm, comfortable, and practical outerwear!  If you’re looking for a long-lasting winter coat, find Eddie Bauer coupons on sites like and start shopping!
  2. Dale of Norway Sweaters.  This is not your standard tacky Christmas sweater, though at first glance it looks like the perfect holiday party attire.  These beautifully knit sweaters cost upwards of $289 and last for years.  A friend of mine has worn his for over 10 years.  These quality sweaters go through an intricate and elaborate production process - combing and stretching raw wool, spinning and twisting the wool into yarn, dying and drying the yarn, designing, knitting and assembling the final product.  The time and care that go into each sweater provide explanation for the rather steep price.  When I was in Utah this past weekend, I saw Dale of Norway sweaters in all the stores.  For being an outdoor, sporty winter garment, the Norway sweater certainly exudes sophistication.  These sweaters are incredibly soft, warm, and comfortable.  Their designs and patterns are traditional and classic, and they are equally fashionable for men and women.  I hope to own a Dale of Norway sweater someday, and I won’t be spilling any spiked eggnog on that little number!
  3. Spyder Ski Gear.  While perusing the shops in Deer Valley, I also encountered several sections of Spyder Ski Gear.  Apparently, this is one of the top retailers for outdoor adventure sports.  With its signature logo, Spyder gear is easy to spot.  You can find top-of-the-line products for a variety of sports, including skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, skating and hiking.  My sister has become an avid skier, and she hits the slopes in Deer Valley every year.  She got her outerwear from Spyder, and she absolutely loves the products.  She stays warm, maneuvers easily, and most importantly, she looks dead sexy.  If you need to be outfitted for winter adventures, consider Spyder Gear.  It’s a reliable, stylish brand for athletic apparel.

Whether you’re headed for Park City or a different winter wonderland, think about investing in some quality apparel.  You won’t regret it!

quality winter brands

Erin Prickett is a fashion enthusiast and bargain hunter.  She recommends using Eddie Bauer coupons to save on your winter apparel!  

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